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Female orgasm and its problems

Within sex, professionals have identified several phases or responses in sexual intercourse, one is orgasm, for better classification of sexual problems, because in the different phases are involved many different processes.

However, there are many theories regarding such classification and therefore varies the number of phases or responses by the author to whom we refer. Within the sexual response authors have named only three (Kinsey) or others who speak six (Carrboles and Sanz). The most used is the one proposed by Masters and Johnson proposed a division into four phases:

Probably, the name the word orgasm, most of the people related to intercourse, with this false relationship. You can reach orgasm through intercourse, but also can be reached this stage in many other ways that are not penetration and already talk.

Orgasm in women is a contraction of the muscle surrounding the vaginal opening, called pubococigeo muscle, and have a duration of approximately 0.8 seconds, with orgasm is considered the most pleasant moment of sexual response.

There are women in different studies, which have short descriptions on how to have experienced orgasm, some of them tell it well: “It is like heaven,” “is like uncorking a bottle of champagne”, “I know not explain but it seems that will give me a heart attack. ”

However, only 13.20% of women reach orgasm with intercourse and if we exclude the 17.28% that do not reach orgasm, 69.92%, as we said at the beginning, they have to get by some other method to orgasm.