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Overcoming mental barriers on sex


If in our thoughts and in our test we appreciate that our sex life is not what we would or failure somewhere, it would be good that did us a serious question about it, asking ourselves, the first thing is to be aware of whether it is a personal problem, the couple, both sex or unwanted approaches vital that we move through inertia and have us trapped in the daily dynamics without stop and consider how to change them.

Then we should put the batteries and start, first, to become aware that something needs to be changed, grabbing medium fears that may cause the subject to be a topic like sex, or vertigo that changes may occur.

The second thing is that change will not fall from the sky, so it is better to think that what does not actively change will never be changed, and finally spend the time and effort necessary good run to get where they want, because in any important thing in life, and sex is, there are no formulas wonderful, but progressive learning that then result in major life satisfactions.