Within this article, we will try to clarify those most common issues that people have within the universe of sexuality and sexual relationships, which creates curiosities, stimuli for much of the world to move; but also fears and anxieties that occur often vitally important discomfort.

As for sexual problems, we will say that the most common that we see in women are lack of desire, arousal and problems with orgasm problems.

Lack of desire is the lack of appetite for sex, and can range from low sexual desire to aversion to sex.

Arousal problems are those that have to do with lack of sexual arousal maintained that there is a cause inhibition of normal physiological sexual response, which the person comes to not feel sexually aroused even if it wishes.

Orgasm problems, usually one of the most common problems that women go for consultation. Orgasm in women is from the point of quite complicated to describe psychologically, and therefore produces further doubts whether this is achieved or not.

The first thing to do in any case, is to see which variables are the cause of the problem and maintain that, in order to focus all treatment from start to finish are.

Once the diagnosis and having knowledge of certain facts of personality, the environment and the lives of our client, we can reach agreements and design joint treatment strategy, get to work to reach the solution of the problem, but beware ! It is not magic, but science, and training and dedication it takes to come to fruition and fix the problem.