According to surveys, a large proportion of people working would want to quit, and conversely, most of those without work would like to work.

one of the most important activities of our existence, is in principle to dedicate more time, we also serves to make a living, to establish social relationships, and our personal fulfillment.

On the one hand we feel that with our effort, we get a financial reward that allows us to live in us and our families, in addition to support the non-productive part of society.

On the other hand it serves for knowledge and interpersonal relationship, and human beings need social relationship in nature, in that the individual is part of a group format. It is therefore second source of gratification for obtaining social reinforcement.

Finally we get our work feel valued, self-realized, we note that we are a piece of gear that contributes to society and brings others himself.

So why do we live so badly?

The problem is not having to work, but the obligation, the fact of having to do something necessarily and makes us experience it as unpleasant, but not only have to perform certain functions, we must also do a number of tasks defined within a time set.

Therefore we will finish by saying that very important in our lives for the three (3) elements that contributes and we have already mentioned, we will be more pleasant to the extent that we do so more willingly, obtain greater satisfaction in the tares we make, we have more freedom in dosing the effort required and in moments of realization.