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What’s going on a while now in relationships – So many couples break up ?

Our culture has changed and is changing very quickly, what was once illegal, divorce, now it is not, which was previously difficult, at least it was a more complicated legal level, it is now much easier. But not only this, we live in a world that often causes us wrong expectations, where it seems that everything has to be wonderful and perfect, including relationships, as if that were not enough, every time tolerances have to frustration We not put up with almost nothing negative, including what our partner, anything that cost us some sacrifice, move away quickly from our lives, and this means that often couples who like and want to break, not spend effort to properly resolve their differences.

To further complicate things, the individual pathology program, which many people have, which are unaware they have it, and that makes them very difficult to have a stable relationship, either because they run away from having a partner appears even may not realize it, and then suffer from not having it, or because their partners break them much more frequently than normal, causing these breaks a major pain in their lives.

In the first group, they would be the people who produce them upset the couple because then they feel evaluated and this affects them too much, there are not enduring commitment and involvement necessary for a couple to go ahead, the need to face certain level of difficulty normal conflicts, without much basis fear that your partner break and break them before.

In the second group, we find those people, who unknowingly, his performance makes them very difficult to have a long distance couple, and as this is unconscious, can not find the reasons which cause these breaks. Here we find people who defend the couple constantly without these damaging them as they think they do, those little give and expect much more and those whose individualism is well above the couple.