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Major sexual problems in Men – Erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation

It is physiologically easier to know what an orgasm, this being a response to excitation, in which muscle contractions occur in the vulva, vagina and uterus that often accompanied by a feeling of intense physical pleasure.

As for men, sexual problems that often turn these are impotence or erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, inhibition ejaculation and premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability or difficulty getting or maintaining an erection with sufficient quality to achieve a ratio of intercourse and ejaculation successfully.

Delayed ejaculation is one in which a desired excess delay ejaculation. In the inhibition of ejaculation, it is that it does not occur despite the desire and attempts by the person. Premature ejaculation would be an early ejaculation and unwanted by the subject.

All these problems can have different causes: it can be an educational problem, a result of sexual trauma at an early age, it may be a result of vital problems like’re a couple problem could be secondary to another condition such as a depression, or have a problem of sexual interaction with a partner, so that flees sex to not experience failure we’ve already seen before.