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How healthy is your sex life ? Ask these questions to know

When the new year begins you wonder how was your sex life last year? What questions would be good that we did on this issue in order to improve it?

There are three very important question in the sexual life of each person things: the frequency with which I have sex, the intensity of those relations and the level of satisfaction or welfare of such decisions in my life. These three factors can give us valuable information on how my sex life if I want to stop and think and reflect on it. However, and to facilitate this assessment of our sex life, we present below is a small test, in which you can obtain an overall quantitative score on this topic.

1. When you go to start a sexual relationship, there are words, kisses, bites, caresses, games or other physical or mental stimulants interaction in which there is still no genitalia?
2. Do I have genital satisfactory practices manual, oral or other sex before penetration time you would like?
3. Do I have orgasms during intercourse although not penetration?
4. My partner and I have intercourse orgasms during intercourse?
5. When I have sex I miss my daily life?
6. Do I like the number of relationships I have?
7. Do I like the range of sexual practices that I have?
8. Both of us were satisfied after sexual intercourse?
9. When I have sex I remain physiologically satisfied?
10. Do I feel full psychologically with my sex?