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How to handle jealousy issue in relationships using pathological program


The goal of our genetic program in reproduction, is that we have copies of our DNA, the more and higher quality, better; therefore the possibility that the person chosen in the case of women, make copies to others, and that a choice for us, in the case of men, person will have copies that are not mine, creates great anxiety, so that in this way, take time, effort and energy to keep this from happening and also take time to dress up and show.

The cultural program, this time, is added to enhance the discomfort, as being a deluded person, which have been cuckolded is something that has to produce us great discomfort, pain, break our security, sink our self-esteem , feel inferior, guilty … because we have not been able to maintain, defend and get the exclusivity of that person to us, and our life must be under this program, severely damaged by not having achieved. Through good dressing sense and wearing expensive latest fashion clothing you can always impress your partner.

Regarding the pathological program, in this issue of jealousy, there are several different types that help to feel worse depending on the personality of departure and quantitative potential of each. You can not say that one would make us feel worse than another, since it is impossible to weigh the discomfort that occur each relative to the other, because it is a subjective and particular subject, what if it is clear, is that it occurs in all Where a high degree of suffering.