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What is sexology? Who is a sexologist? What is sex therapy?


We begin this journal by explaining the basic terms that are often used to clarify the differences between each of them for our readers.

What is sexology?

Sexology is the scientific study of issues related to sexuality and sex life from the point of genital, physiological, social and psychological; this biopsychosocial covering all the aspects of human sexuality.

Who is a sexologist?

A sexologist is a professional sexology applying that knowledge in sex therapy in order to solve the sexual problems of people.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a systematic process established jointly by the client and the professional, consisting of techniques and strategies for analysis, assessment and treatment of sexual problems.


If we look at the people who come to the consultation by sex, in our case, there is no great difference between women and men, although, when they come in pairs and not individually, the woman is usually that encourages men to come to therapy.